About inspired-designs

We are a small team based in the heart of the UK with over 20 years experience of web based database systems development.

We have built may websites and database systems ranging from simple brochure websites to give a simple internet presence to international e-commerce websites with full bespoke backend systems to handle orders and  logistics.

Inspired-designs specialise in building the back end system functionality to make your business work. Yes, we make the front end look as pretty as it needs to be, but it’s the business end we thrive at. 

Since 2000, we have remotely worked with many clients from the USA, Australia & New Zealand, and many places in between.

Being a web based service provider does not restrict us geographically. We have worked with both local, national and global companies to produce websites and integrated systems.

Modern technology has enabled us to work from any location to provide a service to anyone who can access the internet, and we can maintain global partnerships. We work with our clients as though we are a part of their existing business and integrate with all staff to understand the system requirements.

The global pandemic has shown that technology has made it possible to do away with real world, face to face meetings but it does enable rapid and practical project development to take place, all online, without the inevitable delays and time constraints that travel to and from different locations inevitably entails.